Spicy Bean Burgers

Spicy bean burger by brighton food photographer heather wilkinson

I’m guilty of eating a little too much meat sometimes and when I want to lighten up mealtimes I always find beans make a nutritious, cheap and versatile option. This recipe is really quick to prepare and the trusty food processor does most of the work for you – hurrah!


Mango and Coconut Overnight Oats


As a Mum I’m always looking for time-saving ways to eat well and overnight oats are just bloomin’ awesome. I’m a total coconut addict so the thought of waking up to bowl of this sunshine yumminess adds cheer to early wake up calls from my little human. (more…)

National Lottery Food Champions Project


One of the last jobs I was booked for before taking my maternity leave was The Food Champions Project for the The National Lottery and The English Institute of Sport. So on a rainy winter day last December I hauled all my gear (and my sizeable 8 month pregnant bump) up to London for an epic two day, 40 recipe, shoot.


Book Review: What to eat when you’re pregnant

What to eat when you're pregnant book review
Things have been a bit quite on blog recently as we’ve been excitedly planning for the arrival of our new little lady. I have to say that I was incredibly lucky not to suffer from the dreaded morning sickness during my first trimester. However I did have some pretty strong food aversions and became an absolute carb demon. Salads, spicy curries, and meat suddenly became my mortal enemies, replaced by copious amounts of bread, potatoes and salt and vinegar crisps.


Summery Iced Lavender Cake


A few pics from a recent summer commercial photo-shoot, featuring a gorgeous iced lavender cake and an incredibly stunning country house garden. Late afternoon sunlight in mid summer is just so perfect!

Photos by me and styling by my talented Mum Sally Wilkinson.


Summer Days 2015


A quick change of clothes after work and we head off to the seafront 5 minutes away. Cold drinks, skimming stones and the sound of the gentle waves. Our summertime happiness.

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