Book Review: What to eat when you’re pregnant

What to eat when you're pregnant book review
Things have been a bit quite on blog recently as we’ve been excitedly planning for the arrival of our new little lady. I have to say that I was incredibly lucky not to suffer from the dreaded morning sickness during my first trimester. However I did have some pretty strong food aversions and became an absolute carb demon. Salads, spicy curries, and meat suddenly became my mortal enemies, replaced by copious amounts of bread, potatoes and salt and vinegar crisps.

Once the first trimester was behind me I was able to get back on a good nutritional plan, making sure I was providing baby with the very best food I could (although the salt and vinegar crisps do still make an appearance as a weekend treat!). I also became more focused on the types of food that would benefit little bub at key stages of her development.

There are quite literally hundreds of books on pregnancy nutrition, but one I’ve found particularly useful is What to Eat When You’re Pregnant by Nicole M. Avena. The book provides useful guidance and recipes trimester by trimester and week by week, rather than an unrealistic diet plan. A good portion of the book also provides tips on nutrition for breastfeeding and additional calorie requirements – hopefully I’ll have the energy to stock the freezer with some healthy batch-cooked meals in the weeks leading up to D day!

I’ll be honest and say it did take me quite a while to get used to my changing body, some of it pure vanity and some of it hormonal. But as I write this post our little lady is wriggling and bumping in my tummy and I’m instantly grateful to be on this magical pregnancy journey.

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