My girl


So it’s been a while.

Time flies when you’ve got a little person to look after. 

In the early months of parenthood the world can seem very small. With no real routine (and no clue what you’re doing!) it’s hard to find time to shower let alone leave the house.

Robyn Rose is three months old now and life is running at a very different pace. We’ve settled into something of routine, feeding is going great and we’re finally getting some sleep. In fact Robyn is a pretty good sleeper once she’s actually asleep. Getting her to sleep is a different story. Our kid goes 10 rounds with Mr Sleep every nap and at bedtime. Luckily Mr Sleep remains as yet undefeated.

Despite the sleep fights, disturbed nights and nappy changes there is the other stuff. The magical stuff that other parents tell you about but you don’t understand truly until you experience it for yourself. The first gummy smile – the kind of smile that makes you feel your heart is melting. Snuggling in close and inhaling her irresistible smell. Watching her look up at the sky and trees from the comfort of her baby sling. She’s happiest with she’s being worn by me or her dad and can have a good look around.

Parenthood is overwhelming, and at times can feel quite relentless, but sharing life with this beautiful little person is the most incredible experience. Family is what it’s all about.


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