Kentish Cherry & Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream

The English cherry season is so very short,so I get really excited when the first of the Kent cherries start to make an appearance. Fat, juicy and the most beautiful deep red, they really are in a different league to the smaller, tasteless imports available all year round in supermarkets.

I invested in an ice-maker a few months ago. Just a cheap and cheerful one, nothing fancy. Not sure it was the wisest move in terms of keeping my waistline trim, but I’m trying to be really good and use only occasionally (by occasionally, read twice a week so far – eek! Excitement gets the better of me some times. Must do more cycling…). The difference a machine makes is quite remarkable: no crystals or lumps. I’m a very happy camper indeed.

My recipe is currently featured in Crumbs Magazine too, but I’ve slightly tweaked the cream/milk ratio here.

So, here’s my current seasonal fav. The combination of sweet cherries & bitter chocolate is pretty special.

You will need
250g fresh cherries

3 tbsp golden caster sugar

80g good quality dark chocolate (70%)

150ml semi skimmed milk

150ml double cream

50g caster sugar

Serves four
1.)  De-stone the cherries and cut into halves. Place in a saucepan with the caster sugar and cook over a low heat until softened. Set aside to cool.
2.) Once cool, blend in a food processor until you have smooth puree.
3.) Break your chocolate into tiny pieces (alternatively, place it in a sandwich bag and crush gently with a rolling pin if easier).
4.) In a large measuring jug, add the milk, cream and sugar and cherry puree and mix gently until combined.
5.) Pour the mixture into your ice–cream machine and allow it to churn for a few minutes before gradually adding your chocolate pieces, one spoonful at a time. Timings will vary depending on the type of machine you have.All photography © Heather Elizabeth Wilkinson 2012


Improving your food photography: a guide for bloggers

Bloggers guide to improving your food photography

I was chuffed to bits when I was recently approached by the Foodie Bugle (the well-known online food and drink magazine) and asked if I’d write a feature on food photography tips for bloggers. There are already a lot of articles, blogs and books that provide advice on food photography, but they do all tend to be geared towards bloggers who have digital SLR cameras. I decided to write a more general piece to be useful to bloggers, regardless of the type equipment they have. In fact, many of the areas I touch on (bouncing and reflecting light etc.) can be applied to most areas of photography.

If people do find my advice useful, I may well do a follow-up piece here in the future with tips on styling and basic photo editing. Please let me know if you’d find this helpful.


As always, you are welcome to contact me if you want any specific advice on your own food photography work. Just pop your questions in the comments section of my blog so that I can respond to you there and hopefully help others who have a similar query.

You can read the full article here.

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