A soothing sip for colds and flu

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breakfast by the sea

If you’re suffering from a cold then I’ve got just the thing to pep you right up. This infusion is so simple to make and includes a huge kick of ginger, a squeeze of fresh lemon and a good spoonful of delicious soothing honey. Sadly this drink won’t cure your cold, but it will fill your sickly bod with lots of lovely natural ingredients. It tastes pretty good too!

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Improving your food photography: a guide for bloggers

Bloggers guide to improving your food photography

I was chuffed to bits when I was recently approached by the Foodie Bugle (the well-known online food and drink magazine) and asked if I’d write a feature on food photography tips for bloggers. There are already a lot of articles, blogs and books that provide advice on food photography, but they do all tend to be geared towards bloggers who have digital SLR cameras. I decided to write a more general piece to be useful to bloggers, regardless of the type equipment they have. In fact, many of the areas I touch on (bouncing and reflecting light etc.) can be applied to most areas of photography.

If people do find my advice useful, I may well do a follow-up piece here in the future with tips on styling and basic photo editing. Please let me know if you’d find this helpful.


As always, you are welcome to contact me if you want any specific advice on your own food photography work. Just pop your questions in the comments section of my blog so that I can respond to you there and hopefully help others who have a similar query.

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