A passionate pudding

g by breakfastbythesea blogSometimes the simplest desserts are the tastiest, and if you’re not very confident in the kitchen but want to make a quick sweet treat to serve to your Valentine, you can’t go far wrong with this cheats recipe using coconut yogurt.


Shoreline wanderings

OP9C8850_bWe walk across the beach, the wind almost taking our breath away. The light is harsh and dazzling, reflecting off the ripples in the wet sand. Kite surfers race across the waves, backlit by the sun. We watch them for a while, imagining the thrill of speed, until the sun dips behind a cloud and we turn and make our way slowly back across the beach.


The John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge

It’s far too early for me to be thinking about Christmas, let alone posting about it on here. Never the less, that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

I was recently invited to join the John Lewis Secret Santa Challenge, and, being a bit of a fan of the brand, I couldn’t resist getting involved.


A Royal Visit

My lovely man recently took me on day trip to visit Hampton Court Palace. Hampton Court has really fond memories for me as I used to go there a lot as a child. I’m also a sucker for anything to do with history – especially palaces!

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