Hot chocolate and the feeling of Christmas

We’ve had some very strange weather this last week in Brighton: rain, sleet, snow, gale-force winds. Yesterday, we awoke to a heavy frost and, for me, it really felt like Chrismas. When I peeked out of the curtains I saw the most beautiful fox in the garden; a really healthy-looking chap with a thick russet coat. I watched him sniff around the lawn happily for a few minutes before he disappeared into the garden next door.

Later that morning after a little walk in the nearby woods, I returned from the cold with a hankering for something sweet. Only one thing for it: hot chocolate.

Grate 50g of good quality dark chocolate into a saucepan of almost boiling whole milk (enough milk to almost fill your mug or cup). Add a teaspoon of sugar and continue to warm on the hob until the chocolate has combined with the milk but is not boiling.  At this stage, I like to add a pinch of cinnamon. A pinch of chilli works well too. You can even use flavoured chocolate. Brighton-based Montezuma’s do a great range: here.

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