Veggie curry in a hurry

This is a vibrant, hearty curry that’s lovely and filling, ready in under 30 minutes and won’t cost you a bomb in ingredients.

Makes enough for two generous portions and some for leftovers too.

1 onion
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
½ thumb sized piece of ginger grated
2 large potatoes peeled and cut into small even chunks
2 or 3 large tomatoes cut into chunks
1 red pepper cut into chucks
200g tin of chickpeas
2 tbsp of curry powder
400ml tin of coconut milk |(approx 200ml)
Coconut yogurt and lime pickle to serve

Peel and dice up your onion finely and fry on a low heat until soft.
Next add crushed garlic and grated ginger, curry powder and chunks of potato and fry until the potato begins to soften and lightly brown.
Add the peppers, tomatoes and continue to fry for 5 minutes.
Add your chickpeas and coconut milk, bring to a simmer and let it bubble away on the hob for about 15 minutes.

Serve on a pile of fluffy basmati rice and don’t be shy with the lime pickle and coconut yogurt.

Time-saving tip: A lot of supermarkets sell bags of pre-chopped garlic and ginger, which can be a great time-saving as you can simply use what you need and pop the rest back in the freezer.

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