Superfood Christmas Magazine


Back in late summer I was commissioned by the Guild of Master Craftsmen to do the photography for their Superfood Christmas Magazine (yup, shooting Christmas images in the summer – the strange life of a food photographer!).

Now that the magazine is out I can share the images with you and also mention that if you’re looking to have a healthier Christmas this year then Superfood Magazine has loads of ideas for tasty dishes that are both healthy and delicious, from canapés and party food to Christmas dinner.

I picked up my copy in the M&S food hall, but you can also find it in WHSmith and large supermarkets.

Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfood-Christmas-Magazine-11Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfoods-Christmas-Magazine-3 Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfoods-Christmas-Magazine-5 Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfoods-Christmas-Magazine-2 Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfoods-Christmas-Magazine-1Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfoods-Christmas-Magazine-9 Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfoods-Christmas-Magazine-8 Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfoods-Christmas-Magazine-6Hewdesign-Brighton-Food-Photographer-Superfoods-Christmas-Magazine-7

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