The colour of summer

One of the best parts of summer for me are the poppy fields on the outskirts of the city near Falmer. Usually in about June the carpets of red are visible from miles around.


A preview of some new work

Summer fruit sponge cake photography by hew

I’ve been updating my portfolio recently so I thought I’d share a couple of preview pics with you. I think beautiful cakes are probably my most favourite food photography subject – probably because I’m always hopeful a slice might come my way!


Review: The Ram Inn, Firle.

The Ram Inn at Firle. Photography by

We had a little night away recently to celebrate my birthday. For one reason or another, we were’t able to venture too far afield so we settled on the nearby Ram Inn in Firle.

Aubergine and mozzarella stacks

Aubergine and mozzarella stacks by Heather Elizabeth Wilkinson

I’ve lost my cooking mojo a bit recently. That’s not to say I’ve lost my appetite though, far from it in fact! I’ve been eating out for more than my bank balance (and belly) would like. But do you know what? I’ve been having a great time and I don’t feel guilty in the slightest. So I think the excitement of enjoying other people’s cooking might have something to do with my lack of enthusiasm in the kitchen.

Carrot and Orange Loaf Cake

Have I mentioned that I moved house recently? Well that’s why things have been a bit quiet on the blog recently. It’s well-known that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, and I can confirm this is very much the case.

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