Blackberry ice-cream

Are we allowed to admit that summer is officially over now? Yes? Ok, phew, so I hope you won’t mind if a share a suitably autumnal post with you.

I haven’t been that lucky with blackberries this year. Normally I manage to collect enough for stock up the freezer for months. However, I think foraging seems to be much more popular of late and all my usual hedgerow spots had been relieved of most of their fruit by the time I arrived with my Tupperware pot.

The great thing about blackberries is that they freeze really well and don’t turn into mush like most other berries do. So you can pot up a load to save up for when the weather gets colder. Alternatively you could take your freezing antics to a new level by turning your blackberries into ice-cream!

This recipe is pretty simple but it works a treat as an accompaniment to apple pie and crumble – such a pretty colour too.

You will need

350g blackberries (washed)
200ml double cream
100ml semi skimmed milk
50g caster sugar

1.)Put your blackberries into a blender, blitz until smooth, and then pass the mixture through a sieve to extract all the pips.
2.)Mix your milk, cream and sugar together and then add the blackberry mixture.
3.)Add the mixture into an ice-cream machine and churn for around 30/40 mins.
4.)You can add your finished ice-cream mixture a plastic container and freeze until you’re ready to eat it.

All photography © Heather Elizabeth Wilkinson 2012

4 thoughts on “Blackberry ice-cream”

  1. It has been a bad year for blackberries in general. Experts say it was because the very warm early spring, then a cold April did for both the flowers and the pollinators. Fruits haven’t developed properly.

    Still, there’s always next year.

    I don’t have an ice cream machine. Do you think this would set well with no egg in if I used the handmade method of freezing and churning?

    • It is such a shame as blackberry picking is one of the only things that helps me get over the end of summer. A lot of the ones I found looked good but were incredibly sour. I think the hand method would work fine – I’m just a lazy toad since investing in the machine. And to be honest I don’t mind the odd ice crystal – tis all part of the fun of homemade! 🙂


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