Tortilla Pizza

Tortilla wrap pizzas

These pizzas make a great quick lunch and you can customise the toppings to your liking. Using wraps not only makes a much lighter meal but also means they cook in just 20mins. They are surprisingly filling too!

1 wrap (wholemeal or plain depending on your preference)
2 tbsp of passata (use one with added basil if you can find it) or two tablespoons of tinned tomatoes
Handful of pre-grated mozzarella cheese
Sprinkle of dried oregano

Topping ideas
A few slices of pepperoni
Drained tuna
Chopped pepper

Preheat oven to 200c
Spread 2 tbsps of tomato passata on each wrap and spread evenly to the edges using the back of a spoon.
Add your chosen toppings evenly around the pizza
Top with a generous handful of cheese
Cook in the middle of your oven for about 15mins (or until the toppings are browned to your liking)

Cooking Tip
Because wraps are a light base you need to make sure you don’t over-top them or the middle won’t cook properly and will be soggy.

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